Dot Rangoli Design | Easy Rangoli Design with Dot 5x5 | {DIWALI RANGOLI 2021}

Easy Rangoli Design with Dot 5x5

Dot Rangoli Design | Easy Rangoli Design with Dot 5x5 | {DIWALI RANGOLI 2021}

Diwali is greatest festival in india. It is celebrated with lots of joy, fireworks and lights. Diwali marks victory of Lord Ram over Ravana and homecoming of lord rama and his wife goddess sita after exile after 14 years. On this day people invite their relatives or neighbours and celebrate this festivel together and distribute lots of sweets and Diwali faral. Before diwali people stars buying new cloths and decoration for diwali.

Diwali is also known as Deepawali in Hindi. In night people decorate their houses with colorfull flowers, diyas, lots of lightings and different types of Rangoli. They also burst fireworks without fireworks diwali is incomplete. Apart from houses public buildings, roads and government offices also light up on this day. diwali is popular in india and in some other parts of world. People of different country also celebrate diwali. In diwali all family members reunite for celebration that’s why diwali is alos symbol of toghetherness.

Diwali is coming on 5th November 2021, before Diwali Arrives, people starts searching on google for Simple Rangoli Design, Diwali Rangoli Design, Diwali Rangoli 2021, Diwali Rangoli Design 2021, Dot Rangoli Design 5x5, dot Rangoli design 3x3 and Best Rangoli Design for home.

We Bring you Best DOT RANGOLI DESIGN to decorate your house or Business places. choose Design, which you can draw.  

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5x5 Dot Rangoli Design

Draw 5x5 dots first and create small circle on middle of 5x5 Dots.

After Small circle in middle Draw Easy Rangoli Design in middle part like above picture. 

Draw Design on outer Part also like above Rangoli picture

And last Color the Rangoli with best Rangoli colors.

6x6 Rangoli Design

Draw 6x6 dots first and draw X sign in middle of Diwali Rangoli.

After Cross sign make 3 like across X sign like above picture.

after 3 - 3 lines create round shape rangoli at end of every line like above picture.

colour your rangoli with beautiful colors.

Easy Dot Rangoli Design 5x5

Rangoli is a part of Diwali celebration. girls like to draw rangoli in front 
of home. Dot Rangoli is best rangoli technique. below is Akash kandil rangoli 
design 2021 or you can say lamp Rangoli Design.

Make 5x5 Rangoli dots first and create 2 triangle in middle of Rangoli like above pic. 

After tringle create 2 square side by tringle like above picture. it looks like Diwali lamp now.

Draw ball shape in every corner of 5x5 dot.

Color it with yellow, blue or red color. beautiful Rangoli is done. 

3x3 Dot Rangoli

3x3 Dot Diwali Rangoli is so easy to draw. because 
it is small and have only three dots

Make 3x3 draw first and draw circle on middle dot of Rangoli.

And Create square and leaf design like above pic. 

complete leaf like design on all corner of rangoli.

color it and your Simple Dot Rangoli is Ready.

Simple Rangoli Design 2021

This Rangoli is best among all Dot Rangoli. this Rangoli 
called Diya Rangoli. this Rangoli design is so famous.

Draw 5x5 Pattern and draw small circle in middle of Rangoli.
And Draw square like above picture.

Draw another Rectangle above middle square like above pic. 

Draw Diwali Diyaas in every corner of rangoli.

color it and your Best Rangoli Design is ready.

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