Govardhan Puja Vidhi, Muhurat Timing | Govardhan Puja 2021

 Govardhan Puja Vidhi, Muhurat Timing

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First of all, a very Happy Govardhan Puja to everybody. Govardhan Puja is going to be celebrated on 05th November on 2021 on Friday. On this day, Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra. 

Lord Krishna taught the people to worship the Supreme Controller of nature that is God, specif-ically Govardhan, as Govardhan is a manifestation of Krishna, and to stop worshiping the God of Rains, Lord Indra.

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in this post, we have shared the Pujo Vidhi (the complete puja process) for Govardhan Pujo. 

Govardhan Puja Vidhi | Process for Govardhan Puja 

# Govardhan Puja is generally performed in the evening time. 

# Make a model of Govardhan parvat (mountain) using garden soil. 

# Decorate it as if you are decorating lord Krishna. #Use mukut, bansuri, flower, tilak etc to form and image of Lord krishna. 

# Offering 2 sticks of sugarcane, curd, unboiled milk and sweets. 

# Light the lamp and offer roti, chawal. 

# Perform parikrama around the model of mountain i.e. Govardhanji. 

# Play bhajans or songs dedicating Krishna ji and make the enviornment auspicious.

Govardhan Puja 2021 Muhurat Timing

Govardhan Puja Morning Muhurat Timing - 06:36 AM to 08:53 AM

Govardhan Puja Evening Muhurat Timing - 03:43 PM to 06:00 PM

Hope you like this post of Vidhi for govardhan puja. Stay connected with us. Happy Diwali and Govardhan Puja to all.