{Best 5} Diwali Games For children to play at Home | Diwali games 2021

 Best 5 Diwali Games for Children

{Best 5} Diwali Games For children to play at Home  Diwali games 2021
{Best 5} Diwali Games For children to play at Home  Diwali games 2021

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*Diwali firecrackers simulator
*Indian diwali celebration
*Diwali fireworks maker
*Diwali celebration
*Eco friendly diwali game

All  Below Diwali Mobile games are Android game and will be found in Google Play.

1) Diwali firecrackers simulator

Diwali firecrackers simulator is a Diwali game, where you can enjoy your favourite firecrackers in mobile. It looks like realistic game and sound of fireworks feels real. Visual effect of every firecrackers is super good. This game is available free on play store.

Key features

* great Control
* Play free anywhere and anytime
* 100+ realistic fireworks types
* Unique and realistic sound effects

2) Indian diwali celebration

This Diwali 2021 game is so amazing. This game is best for kids, who don't konw how diwali celebrate. In this game you can buy cloths and Fireworks virtually for diwali. You can do Pooja of lord ganesha and maa Lakshami in this game. It also includes bhajan and aarti for diwali Pooja. You also can fireup firecrackers and do shooping for diwali. You also can buy mithai from shop in the game.

Key features

* Shooping for diwali in game
* You can draw rangoli
* Control is easy
* Graphic is also great

3) Diwali fireworks maker

Diwali fireworks maker game is published by pixasoft infotech. This ia an amazing Diwali game, where you can create fireworks by yourself on mobile. Apart from diwali, there are so many events are there in this game like valentine's surprise event, Paris event, American independence day and Singapore festival.

Key Features

* There have single tap control
* So many levels
* Available for free
* Many Events

4) Diwali celebration

Diwali Celebration 2021 Game is about how to celebrate diwali. You also can know the History of Diwali like why diwali celebrate ?. You can make and share amazing Diwali Greeting cards with your friends. You can shopping for cloths for your friends and relatives. You also can make colourful rangoli in this game.

Key features

* Fantastic Diwali 2021 greetings cards to share
* You can burst fireworks
* Amazing Graphics
* Diwali history

5) Eco friendly diwali game

Eco friendly Diwali game is great for those people who likes to not celebrate diwali with real firecrackers. You can busrt

Key Features

* Free game with No Ads
* Realistic effect
* Amazing Sound effect
* Clean UI and attractive 3D effect