20 Best Happy Diwali 2021 Captions For Instagram

 Happy Diwali 2021 instagram Captions 

Diwali caption for Instagram

Diwali is most popular Festival in india. Diwali is also known as Deepavali. Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated by Hindu, Jain's and Sikhs. It also called festival of victory of good over evil, victory of lights over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Diwali celebrate during the Hindu luni-solar month Karthika.

Nowadays instagram is so much popular in India. People love to share their moment on instagram and other social media like facebook and Twitter. So uploading pictures without caption is not looks good. So I bring you some unique Diwali caption and short Diwali caption for this Diwali 2021. Just copy and paste it on your Diwali pictures of instagram. If you want some Trendy Diwali photoshoot pose for Diwali then Click here

Short Diwali Caption 

Diyas, lightening the world.

Light, camera, action, Happy Diwali !

The Festival of Lights is on its way.

Keep calm, have fun, It’s Diwali.

It’s the season to sparkle.

Let’s fill our home with light and prayers.

A balanced diet is a ladoo in each hand. #Happy Diwali.

Diwali Captions For Instagram 

May this joyful spirit of Diwali enter your home and fill it with happy moments.

Rangoli and lights both go hand in hand in Diwali.

May the colors of rangoli usher in happiness.

May Goddess Lakshmi shower you with all that you have wished for.

What I truly enjoy about the festive season is all the fragrance and glowing lights.

May the lamps of Diwali illuminate your life.

Light a lamp of love, shoot a rocket of prosperity, and fire a flowerpot of happiness, wish you a very happy sparkling Diwali.

Let’s make it a festival of giving back to the society that has given us everything.

Turn your Diwali into the sassiest time of the year with a bunch of sweets.

May the delicious Diwali desserts add sweetness to your life.

It was all about getting in the festive feels in the style.

With the gleam of Diyas and the echo of chants, may happiness and contentment fill our life.

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